Will you plan on updating the server with the latest minecraft versions as they release?

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New member
Jan 29, 2020
I'm just asking because I remember boss rooms having blue flames in them in the anime. And in 1.16, soul sand burns blue


Staff member
Dec 22, 2019
1.15 isnt a stable version yet. We waited to update to 1.14.4 (final 1.14 version) until the release of 1.15 this ensures us that the final version of 1.14 is stable. Minecraft wont release 1.16 until 1.15 is stable. So we wont upgrade to the next version until there is a stable build of 1.15 aka the final build.

Although upgrading will unlock a lot of cool additions for us it also has its downside. Plugins all need to get updated to 1.15 wich is easier said then done since a lot of the mechanic are created by ourself or they are highly customizeble plugin wich can create a lot of issues.

Eventually I dont see us upgrading to a new version until they add a big gamechanger (ne blocks, mobs, etc)