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Dec 22, 2019
Welcome to the Sword Craft online workshop, This place has been created for members of our community to contribute to the project in return for certain rewards. This is for the people that might not be able to join the development team but still want to contribute in some way. This is also an opportunity for people to earn cool rewards. We will post different tasks on this form and based on the task we will offer a suitable reward.

- Everyone can participate and upload their work. However not everyone will get the reward. We only want to reward people that put some effort into creating something new and unique.
- You will only get a reward if your creation/submission gets added into the game
- You have to use the provided formats
- No copying others work
- No arguing if our staff thinks its not good enough

Task types:
- Quest writing
- 3D modelling
- MC building
- Skill design
- Mob design

Reward types:
- Alpha key(s)
- Money
- Invitation to the dev team

Thanks for reading

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