(Updated) Blazing Overlords

  • Alpha phase 2 is now live!
    Supporters will gain access for playtesting!


Dec 22, 2019
We are the Blazing Overlords. a steadily rising force in this game. Join us so we can fight together to overcome every challenge that is thrown at us and most importantly we all have fun doing it.

What BzO will do for you.
Joining us will offer you protection as we ally with the major guilds to ensure we are all as safe as possible so we can enjoy the game without the threat ok PKers constantly on our tails.
Whenever possible improved gear will be provided from guild funds donated by me and others who choose to. Completely optional of course.
Up to date information on mobs will be shared as soon as it is obtained.
No leveling quotas or mandatory events. Only events you can choose to participate in.
We specialise on taking on the front lines but will always duck back to help others.

Join the discord and ask to join the guild and you will be added as soon as possible

Blaze ahead of the competition
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