[TASK][OPEN] 3 part Quest line

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Dec 22, 2019
Task: Write a 3 part questline


The questline has to be written in a format like this
## dialogue (Can be a complete story)
Part 1
A: Hi there can you do this for me
B: Yes ofc
A: Kill 10 boars for me

Objective: Kill 10 boars

## dialogue (Can be a complete story)
Part 2
A: Hi there can you do this for me
B: Yes ofc
A: Talk to person C for me

Objective: Talk to person C

.PDF format

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Sep 23, 2020

Old man
: Those boars have been roaming around destroying my crops! How will I get a good harvest this year... [Spots PLAYER] Hey you! Young adventurer!
Player: Me?
Old man: Yes you! Do you think you could help me a bit? Those boars are roaming around my farm and destroying my crops! Can you defeat them for me? I'll be sure to reward you greatly!
Player: [If PLAYER agrees]: Sure, I can do that.
[or] [If PLAYER disagrees]:Sorry, I have others things to do right now.
Old man: [If PLAYER agrees]: Thank you so much!
[or] [If PLAYER disagrees]: Oh, I guess I won't be able to get a good harvest this year...

[QUEST: Kill 15 Frenzy Boars]


Old man:
Ah! You're back! Did you kill all the boars?
Player: Yeah, it was easy.
Old man: Humph. Here, take those coins. By the way, can you just check if my brother is ok? Just make sure there's no boars in his farm please?
Player: [If PLAYER agrees]: ... Fine.
[or] [If PLAYER disagrees]: No, I don't want to help anymore.
Old man: Thank you so much! Just make sure he's ok, and come back to tell me. I'll prepare some rewards for you in return.

[QUEST: Go to the Old man's brother's farm and talk to his brother]


Old man's brother: Pssst. Quick come here! [Hiding behind a rock near a cave.]
Player: Are you the Old man's brother?
Old man's brother: How do you know him? Is he ok?
Player: He's fine. There was a boar infestation in his farm but I took care of it.
Old man's brother: Boar infestation? There's only one boar trampling my crops, but it's MASSIVE! It's in the cave over there, but I don't think you can defeat it. Go ask my brother for some healing crystals. He makes great ones.

[QUEST: Go back to the Old man and tell him what happened.]

Player: There's a giant boar trampling your brother's crops.
Old man: Excuse me?
Player: I need some health potions so I can defeat the boar to save your brother's crops.
Old man: You're lucky that I grew some today...
[Received 3 Health Crystals]
Old man: Now go kill the giant boar. I promise I'll give you a good reward.

[Kill the Giant Boar]
[After killing it]

Old man: You actually did it... Well, I did promise a reward... Here, take this a go help someone else. You're pretty good at helping people.
[Received (insert cool armor thing or talisman or sword)]