Order of the Crimson Shield

  • Alpha phase 2 is now live!
    Supporters will gain access for playtesting!


New member
Aug 1, 2020
"A solitary shield rests in the field. Its silver hue has been worn away by the blood of the fallen soaked into it, with the hopes that it may protect someone else from suffering the same fate."

The Order of the Crimson Shield is a guild focused on protecting the lower leveled players and ensuring they have access to all the content. I hope to have regular floor boss and dungeon raids for anyone who is interested, not limited to guildmates or allies. We also hope to offer our services to them, partying up for kill quests or escorts through dangerous areas at no charge to the player apart from an equal share of the drops (if applicable) or any voluntary donations.

Join today, and raise your shield in defense of those who need it.

Discord is incoming, feel free to add me @Jallown#0070 or monitor this thread for its opening.