Knights of the Blood Oath

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Dec 28, 2019
Join us The Knights of the Blood Oath in the Swordlands and together we can fight our way to the top!

How will Joining KoB Help you? well we can offer u food/armor/weapons and help. we have Squads that we hope will bring our guild members more together. the squads are made so u can help eachother out but also for raids and boss fights. we 4 active squads atm that are leaded by their own Squad Leaders. you can ask these 5 leaders for help if needed. the diffrent squads will each have a purpose in the Boss battles. some will be support other will be defense and attack. our main goal is for all our players to have fun, so we hope these squads will add to this and maybe bring you players together.

Lion Squad - Rottiers#4304
Wolf Squad - Deadrun92#3513
Bear Squad - halomca#5687
Neko Squad - Mariothedog#4707 - tometro#0430

We are not a PK guild but this dosnt mean we will stop u from doing PVP. we do know PVP is something most players want to do so we wont stop u from having ur PVP fun. what we will stop u from is randomly killing people and getting them banned since this is just annoying. If u end up killing someone in a duel! well to bad for them. keep in mind stealing from our vault and running away will be punishable. so u can kill and annoy the thiefs as much as u want :D we did use to have a u need to be a green player to join rule but we have taken this away. we wish for u to have the best gameplay experience u can.

KoB is the bigest guild in game atm and we are mainly focusing on the front lines. this dosnt mean u new player will be forgotten! all new players will be helped as much as we can possibly help rn. im sure u new players can join the frontlines this way too sometime. you will need equpment for this ofc so if ur new then ur lucky! new players will most likely have acces to fee armor in our vault. yes we dont want anyone to feel left out so all you need to focus on is getting them levels up.

if ur interested to join KoB plz contact the Leaders on discord. the names will be below. hope to see u all in the Swordlands soon. have a great day!