Divine Dragon Alliance We currently hold 50 members in our guild... but we are always looking for more friends to play with us.

  • Alpha phase 2 is now live!
    Supporters will gain access for playtesting!


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Feb 8, 2020
I personally have nothing against killers. I do tend to favor those who ease the suffering of others, and that is something we try to do here.
An example of us easing pain is the Guide we made It has saved a lot of suffering and time for the players this weekend. Why waste precious fun with figuring out how to play?
If you decide that this is the place for you after checking out these other guilds. Then I am glad your joining us!. hop on over... even if its just to take a look..
https://discord.gg/wK8UhMD (permanent invite)
If your looking for casual play well we do completely support that by having good relations and
alliances with other major and minor guilds so you wont be spawn killed, to prevent your time from being wasted.
If you want to play competitively well.. we will be starting some competitions and we have teams you can create within the guild so we may call upon you when we are about to do a major raid. plus 50 players are bound to leave some equipment for you to use in the guild vault so you wont have to grind for 15 hours for the basics.
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