Collection of Bugs and Critiques as I explore the game

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Aug 28, 2020
Hey everyone! I'm XericChaosdive, a new member of the community. I've been playtesting for servers and games for quite a while now, and I've been playing MC the majority of my life. I know a good bit about plugins and background stuff like that, so hopefully, I can do my part and help out here!
A lot of this will be very opinionated, but it will explore my issues and gripes (And Likes) that I find throughout playing the game, and I hope this (semi)detailed log will help out the devs of this server.
Again, this is my opinion, take it with a grain of salt.

Quest: "Talk to the Recruiter"
  • Issues/Bugs: Upon talking to him, "1. Getting Started" or "2. Welcome to SCO",
  • Upon picking option 1 it questions whether or not you'd like to get all the way to floor 100, with a "yes/no" prompt.
  • Replying "Yes" returns "Requirements - You need to complete "Getting Started" first".
  • After right clicking to talk to him again, he tells you about his friend Kyle the Weapon Vender and tells you to take his money.
  • Only after talking to him again does he hand you the 10 Col.
  • (He repeatedly asks if you've managed to get everything)
  • ^This Could be confusing to newer players as alot of people might just stand around going, "where's the money he's supposed to give me?" or think that it's in a account balance like most plugin based MC servers.
  • Also, it may be a good idea to slightly rewrite the dialoge to explain that Kyle IS the weapon vender to the right, without having to talk to him several times. Some players may not look around and become lost very early, losing precious players
  • (I realize the issue in basically simping to the lowest common denominator, however making things very simple in the beginning will help bring in the younger crowd much easier imo)

Quest: "Talk to Kyle"/"Your First Weapon"
  • Why is he forcing me to take my money to the banker? He's just a salesman, right?
  • Seems like a weird way to introduce the banking system.
  • Issue: I walked all the way to the banker to be repeatedly told that I didn't complete the "Your first weapon" quest, and only upon walking all the way back to Kyle, not clicking on anything, only then did it say I actually finished the quest.
  • Issue: Typo after finishing "Your First Weapon", "When it's time for a weapon upgrade, talk with one of my friends here! luck!" < I'm sure it's meant to say "Good Luck!"

Quest: "Talk to Rowan"
  • (I understand why he sent me over here. Kyles a douche, making me pay his debt)

Quest: "Talk to Lia"
  • (Man, Why does everyone have a name other than the Recruiter, he could be called like "Bog the Recruiter or something)
  • (Also, I had to go searching for her, maybe a hint to a location like between Kyle and Rowan would be helpful)

The Emerald Block:
  • Would be absolutely fantastic if the skills had descriptions so I knew what I was getting into before I wanted to get them (but I'm sure that's a WIP)
  • Though I gotta say I really like the idea of how these skills work between clicks and shifts, super cool
  • We'll see how it works out when I can actually test somehow, I love the idea of multiple weapon classes though.
  • Just saw the popup things above your health bar, super awesome, and I love how it tells you what they are, even if you don't have them unlocked.

Town of Beginnings:
  • The town looks very nice, but it is very big and could do with the help of a giant map at the town center or even hologram points put throughout (it is a game after all, that's not all that unlikely)

Quest: "Too Many Boars"
  • To be completely honest, this quest has really really been irritating. I'm not sure why or how, but somehow the mobs keep disappearing from the face of Aincrad while fighting them, meaning I can't tick up my quest counter, or get the much-needed drops for that Col.
  • I've probably fought around 15 of them, and I have 2 kills on my quest because they just keep disappearing.


Jul 31, 2020
Dunno what you did with the claiming up there, most likely BBS post claiming, so sure, have those posts -

A few "answers" (lol) to some things: There is a livemap, albeit it does not show all NPC locations. You can find it on the main page (upper left corner "HOME", then in the upper bar)

The boars despawn? Interesting. I know that that happens but usually it's damn rare, not 13 out of 15 kills.

Dying to nothingness is weird too (you mentioned that in disc).

Skills are getting reworked over time as most higher lvl skills don't work and some skills - albeit doing *something* - evidently have no use (example: Rapiers Piercing Strikes - it screws up your vision of the place and you can only use it when you align yourself and the enemies according to the x/y axis, which makes this pretty much un-usable and just results in you getting hit)

As for the upper 4 things, that's just tutorial things - not talking down on it, but I think that has to be reworked in general.

Don't worry if my "answers" aren't all that helpful - at least not all of em - I just prefer to comment on most forum posts that I see :p


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Aug 28, 2020
Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with the boars, but I'll get to the point where I feel like I'm close to killing them, and then (without me hitting them) they just decide to disappear.
Also the claiming is because I plan on holding this while I'm playing the game, and most of the forums have a character limit, so I claimed the top couple slots so I can edit them and make it one long list