The full dive SAO experience in Minecraft.


An adventure awaits

Experience the world of Aincrad from the anime Sword Art Online in Minecraft! We are turning Sword Craft Online into a fully working MMORPG with all the systems you would expect in a Sword Art Online Minecraft server.


Experience epic combat against custom mobs with custom items.


Find epic loot and grow stronger with over 20 custom items.


When you die in the game you'll be banned for a short amount of time.


Explore the world of Aincrad, handmade by our builder team.

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Support us

All the money raised with this project will be invested into the project. We do not plan to make any profit and want to offer everyone the best experience possible.
We wouldn't be able to do accomplish this without the support of our community.

Basic Pack

(Single purchase)

$ 2
  • Donator Discord chat
  • Early access
Illfang the Kobold Lord
Monthly Supporter Pack

(Charged monthly)

$ 5
  • Basic Pack
  • Upgrades to Advanced Pack after 4 months
Advanced Pack

(Incl. Basic Pack; Single purchase)

$ 20
  • Name credit UPON RELEASE
  • Tutorial page UPON RELEASE
  • Vote page UPON RELEASE
  • Access to development builds UPON RELEASE
  • Spectator mode
  • Custom NPC (with custom lines) UPON RELEASE
  • Advanced loot pack UPON RELEASE
  • Exclusive memes UPON RELEASE
  • Starters house UPON RELEASE
  • Mob intel UPON RELEASE

Monthly goals

Server rent

Server upgrade

SAO group

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